Why the Name Mistress Becky?

Okay, this isn't going to be a really long explanation, and probably won't be as interesting as the name may sound. I got the name by my friends James and Steve (I think Steve is actually the one who dubbed me with it). See, I was always the one in the group everyone considered to have morals. James would call me Nun Becky. One day, I bought an all vynl outfit (pants, jacket, boots), and it shocked James. Steve said, "We can't call you Nun Becky anymore, it's Mistress Becky now!" Steve and James continued to call me that from that point (not ALL the time, but fairly often). Then when I first went on a chat site, I had to choose a handle. Everything I tried was already taken, so I thought of Steve and tried Mistress Becky. It accepted that handle, so it just became my internet/email name. See, nothing kinky about it. Sorry to disappoint you.

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This page was last modified: July 09, 2003