Religion Decays to Reality

"I speak religion's message clear gave up trying to figure it out i have found you can find the lie that you believe hey god i believed the promises the promises and lies worn out from giving it up my soul this isn't meant to last i'm the one without a sould i'd rather die that give you control wish there was something real in this world full of you smashed up what i believed in throw it all away hey god i really don't know who i am in this world of piss what i used to think was me is just a fading fucking reminder of who i used to be my head is filled with disease i feel the hatred grow all the more extreme your god is dead and no one cares if there is a hell i'll see you there nothing can stop me now i just don't care i was swimming in the haze i used to want it all give it to me i throw it away the devils of truth steal the souls of the free i am justified i get everything i want within the extent of my sin i am becoming hey god maybe there will come a day when those that you keep blind will suddenly realize what you really are i fear i am the only who thinks this way nothing can hurt me don't tell me that you care i want to know everything i want to do something that matters i am so impure and oh so sick i am i can reduce you if you want my disease my infection oh my beautiful liar there really isn't anything, is there?"

-a mixture of Trent's best words

DISCLAIMER: These words are NOT my own (except for the title). I have taken them from the three major albums that Nine Inch Nails has: Pretty Hate Machine, Broken, and the Downward Spiral. I have simply changed the order around to show how I have felt at one time or another (making sure to put quotation marks because they are not my own words).

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This page was last modified: July 09, 2003