Why the Name Change?

Pretty simple really. I was getting sick of all these weirdos writing to me asking if I would spank them and all sorts of stuff, so it seemed to have bad conotations (sp?). I just needed to find a name to replace it. So when I got the name Spaz, I clung to it.

So Why The Name Spaz?

Dan, Esther, Perfect, and I went bowling one night out here in Vegas. Dan was putting in nicknames for everyone (Kilgore for Dan, Perfect for Mike, Chester or Fester {I can't remember which} for Esther), and he needed a nickname for me, so Perfect chose Spaz. Why did he choose that name you ask? Well, if you know me in real life, you'd probably understand. I tend to stress A LOT over stupid stuff. I overreact, and I'm narotic about apparently weird things, such as mail. I'm always getting that look that says, "What are you on?" So I'm a freak, big deal. I kinda like the name Spaz.

Oh, also, let's not forget the "Becky chills." If you know me, you know what I'm talking about. I get these "chills" (more often when I'm cold or stressed, but they can happen at any given moment) where my body just does whatever it wants to. I've had chills where I've just jumped up in the air--okay, only one chill where I've done that, but definately noteworthy. Quite amusing actually. I remember one time I was in line with my friend Steve buying some orange juice and I had a "chill." The lady in front of us was all, "Are you okay? Do we need to call an ambulance?" I kept telling her I was fine, but she refused to believe me. And that was a mild one! I'm so used to them now (and so are those who know me), but I guess it must look pretty strange or unnatural to some random person. So I guess the name "Spaz" is fitting in that respect also.

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