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Please go to the bottom of this page for a little more explanation on how to view the pictures that aren't my own photo albums.

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Peggy's Birthday  (May 17, 2003)

Jennifer's Birthday  (February 8, 2003)

My Old Apartment  (before the fire)

Fourth of July 2002

Travis' 26th Birthday  (June 2002)

Knott's Scary Farm  (October 11, 2002)

Magic Mountain  (September 27, 2002)

Tracy's Baby Shower  (July 20, 2002)

Exit One Eighty CD Release Party  (Amazon--59 pictures)

Vegas Friends  (Amazon--4 pictures)

Squerk  (Amazon--6 pictures)

Nathan  (Amazon--4 pictures)

Clint's Birthday Party  (Amazon--5 pictures)

EQ Party at Chris Davis' House  (Amazon--7 pictures)

Danielle's Leaving For Korea Party  (Amazon--25 pictures)

Blackout Party  (Amazon--22 pictures)

San Francisco Vacation  (Amazon--148 pictures)

Danielle's Leave Party, June 6, 2001  (Amazon--109 pictures)

Gathering for the Ani concert  (Amazon--19 pictures)

Travis' 25th Birthday Party  (Amazon--85 pictures)

the first annual "FADED Intoxication Experiment" (Amazon--53 pictures)

Southern Faire--Memorial Day Weekend (Amazon--31 pictures or Excite--31 pictures)

Jason and Joey visiting Vegas from California (Amazon--19 pictures)

Easter Weekend 2001 (Amazon--6 pictures)

Childhood Photos  (Amazon--13 pictures)

Julie's Family  (Amazon--38 pictures)

Jonah Rienks  (Amazon--5 pictures)

Ernie and Roxy  (Excite--7 pictures)

Ben and Esther   (Amazon--24 pictures)

My Step-dad's birthday--March 10, 2001  (Excite--7 pictures)

Visit to California--March 9-12, 2001  (Excite--11 pictures)

City of Commerce Karate Tournament  (Amazon--74 pictures)

United Blood Services   (Amazon--18 pictures)

Tracy's Slumber Pary   (Amazon--84 pictures)

Mike Kazee's Party   (Amazon--23 pictures)

New Year's 2000-2001  (Amazon--167 pictures)

Highlights of New Year's  (Amazon--33 pictures)

Las Vegas  (Amazon--52 pictures)

Christmas 2000  (Amazon--113 pictures)

Hawaii Pictures  (my brother's web site)

Cemetery Pictures  (my page--11 pictures)

Old Pictures  (my page--11 pictures)


I now have new software that makes it easy for me to create my own web albums to put up online.  So I will now be making my own albums instead of sending you to Amazon Ofoto or Excite Webshots.  So far, I only have one album (Tracy's Baby Shower) up using this new software.  Most of the rest are photo albums that I created at Amazon Ofoto or Excite Webshots.  With those albums, you will have to use your browser's back button to get back to this page since there won't be a link to get back here.  I still have some albums that have been uploaded to Amazon Ofoto that I haven't yet added their links to this page.  So while all of my new albums will be created with my new software, I will still be adding some links to this page later that will be to albums on Amazon Ofoto.

All of the pictures on Amazon and Excite were taken with my digital camera.  I haven't really had a chance to trim down the amount of pictures, I just uploaded everything I took.   So I've put in parenthesis how many pictures are in each album next to the link so that you'll know what you're in for before viewing the album.  Also, the Las Vegas album was designed specifically for a friend who used to live here and wanted some pictures of Las Vegas now that she's not here anymore.  Almost all of the pictures in that album are also in the New Year's 2000-2001 album as well.

One last comment about the Amazon albums.  Amazon now requires you to sign in with them to view my albums (they used to not require that).  So I have created a dummy account for you to use to view the pictures if you didn't want to sign up yourself.

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Ofoto Password:  pictures

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This page was last modified: November 17, 2003

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