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You may right click on any of the videos and "save target as" to them save to your computer.


the b-roll for the first private flight to space (approx. 5MB)

Burt Rutan and Mike Melvill on Jay Leno (approx. 17MB)

Snippet of the Daily Show with John Stewart (approx. 5 MB)

the b-roll for the first X-Prize Flight (approx. 6MB)

the b-roll for the second X-Prize Flight (approx. 5MB)

Video I took of the separation of SpaceShipOne and White Knight during the second X-Prize Flight (aprox. 4 MB)


If you are having trouble viewing the videos, try downloading the latest version of Windows Media Player by going here and clicking on "Download Now!"  If you still have trouble, you may contact me by filling out this form.