Blackout was born on April 21st. She is a very sweet and affectionate puppy. She has lots of energy, but unfortunately is not able to expend most of it because she is an "only dog" and her owner isn't home very much. Because of this, she is currently going through quite the chewing phase. Her owner loves her, but needs to find her a home where she can get a lot more attention than he is currently able to provide. His preference would be for Blackout to go to a home with a big yard and other dogs to play with.

Blackout is spayed, has her rabies shot, and her first two 6-in-1 shots. Paperwork for the spay, rabies, and second 6-in-1 shot will be provided. We are looking for a home where she will get plenty of attention. She is currently cooped up inside the house all day, because the yard is unsuitable to leave her in. Because of this, she will still need work with potty training. She has been taught some commands, but her new owners will need to be patient with her. She has a lot of potential, and really is a loving puppy. She just needs to have an outlet for all of her energy.

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