From Brownie's current owner:

"Brownie is a wonderful little terrier mix who will be your faithful companion through it all. If you are in the shower, she will wait for you outside guarding the door. If you are paying bills, watching TV, no matter what she will come be by your side and quietly lay there to keep you company. When I spent a week under my house digging up my plumbing she followed me and just laid down a couple feet from where I was working and kept me company. She is a great guard dog, no stranger would ever enter your backyard or house without her raising holy hell. The mailman knows she is the boss here. She is smart, and as an older dog was housebroken in 3 days time. She is great with kids. She has sweet big brown eyes and a little grey mo-hawk. She is a great dog to walk, she gives great kisses, and she is just a sweet old soul in a puppy like body. She is a mothering type. She had several litters of puppies before we had her, but we had her fixed. She found a stray kitten who was only 3 days old at best. I was fearful she would eat her, but instead she mothered her and raised her. Now we have a cat that behaves like a dog. She is seven years old, but her breed usually lives to about 15, so she has a lot of wonderful play years in her. She has been fixed and is up to date on all her shots. We had her teeth looked at almost a year ago and they are in great shape."
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