Home found! 3/11/07

Home needed for elderly cat. Jet is 17 yrs old, neutered, declawed and an absolute love. Owner died recently and he needs a safe, loving environment to live out his remaining years. He's in excellent health, lean, and once he warms up to his new owner, will be very affectionate. He gets along with dogs, I don't know about other cats. He's a housecat, litterbox trained, never messes in the house. He enjoys the outdoors, however he doesn't stray from home. If allowed outdoors, he will lie in the sunshine and nap and then wait at the door to be let into the house. He's had all his shots, and is licensed in Los Angeles county. Interested parties please <a href="">contact Diane</a> as soon as possible. Jet needs a new home no later than March 23rd.

3/11/07: Home found! :)

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