Friendly kitty

Home found! 2/3/07 2/1/07: We have a stray cat that we've dubbed "friendly kitten" (or "catten" as Mike likes to say since he's at the in between stage). He's super cute and super friendly. I just dropped him off at the vet today to get neutered. He rubs all against us and purrs and tries to come into the house. We already have 3 cats though, and we don't really want 4.

We did take him to the back yard though where we have been feeding the <a href="">other stray "cattens"</a> (although those are ferral). He gladly ate the food and when I went out there this morning to feed the kitties, he was still around. When I came home from work today, he ran right up to me and started meowing and rubbing against me. I was putting boxes in my car to take to the post office and he jumped inside my car! It was so cute. Mike said he jumped in his car this morning too.

He seemed very content during his ride to the vet (I think he was happy to get out of the cold and wind), and when we arrived there, he just layed down in the carrier and purred. He's so sweet.

I would really like to find a home for him because he is very adoptable. I live in Mojave, but I will also be going to the Inland Empire this weekend, so if you or someone you know is interested, I can drop him off if it's in the Antelope Valley or Inland Empire.

2/3/07: Friendly kitten found a home! He will be an inside/outside cat, which I think he will like.

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