Reeses is an almost-5-year-old spayed female Calico cat. She is very small for her age and is pretty calm. She is friendly and non-aggressive. She is very gentile, likes to cuddle, and purrs A LOT. She can be skittish, and doesn't like to be around when a lot of guests are over. Although, she has formed other relationships with people she sees a lot. She mostly keeps to herself, but gets along fine with other cats. It may take her some time to come out of her shell in a new environment (like most cats).

She was rescued from a shelter as a kitten, and is completely up to date on all of her shots (paperwork can be provided). Her front paws are declawed. Her current humans feel bad about it, blaming it on their ignorance when they first got her, but say that she she doesn't seem to mind.

Her current humans are moving out of state and are unable to take her with them. They are trying to find her a home in the next week, if possible.

Reeses is currently located in Lancaster, but I am willing to provide transport to just about anywhere in Southern California for her to go to a good home. Our preference would be within a 2 hour radius, although I would possibly even consider driving up to the Bay Area in California or to Las Vegas, if it was the right fit.
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