Shiela and Toby

My teacher friend is helping the homeless family of one of her students get into an RV Park where they can have access to laundry, showers, utilities, and easy walking distance to groceries and school. She has raised enough money for 5-6 months at the RV Park, but before the family can be moved, they need to find homes for two very sweet dogs that the mom and 3 young kids don't want to see go to a shelter.

The calico looking one is Shiela, female, very sweet dog all around. The white one is Toby, male, sweet dog, a little bit nervous around strange men at first, but took to my male friend no problem. Probably safe to assume that they need everything (shots / spay / neuter) since their family was homeless and wouldn't have had the financial means to take them to a vet.

They've been around young children (ages 5, 6, and 8) so they are great with kids. The kids love these dogs dearly, but they can't bring them to the RV Park.

To read more about the family's situation, here is a link to the the GoFundMe campaign that my teacher friend put together to raise a year's worth of living expenses (RV Park rental costs, utilities, coin laundry) to get the family back on their feet:

Home Found!! Dec 2014
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