Super people-friendly cat. Neutered male, has his shots. Doesn't get along with other cats. There is a male orange and white cat who is super friendly to humans, but not to other cats. He is currently living in the yard of a friend. She took him to get him fixed and all his shots. However, because he doesn't get along with her cats, she is trying to adopt him out. When my boyfriend and I came over, he walked right up to us and let us pet him. He even climbed in our truck! He was very curious, sniffing everything. He currently lives outside, but definitely doesn't mind being inside either. Unfortunately, he fights with any cat he comes in contact with, so our friend can't let him in the house, or her cats outside (they are normally inside/outside cats). He does seem to get along with dogs fine though.

If you are interested in giving this cat a loving home, please let me know. He must be an ONLY cat. Not sure if he's ever used a litter box, but cats typically aren't hard to litter box train. Also not sure if he would be okay being an indoor only cat. He currently has acres and acres of free space to roam around in.

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