Home found! Feb 2011 Misty started out as a feral in the neighborhood about 3 or so years ago. As a kitten, she was adopted into a family. She has had two litters, both just one kitten each (one female and one male). However, the lady who her took her in moved and wasn't able to take the cats with her. The cats were left behind with someone who is not really a cat person himself, but didn't want to see them abandoned, so has let them live in his garage. Sometimes they get out and wander the neighborhood a bit.

Of the three cats, one was killed by a dog last year. We're actually not sure if it was Misty or Misty's female kitten, because they looked a lot alike. If it was actually the mom that was killed, then the current female we are trying to adopt out is approximately two years old. Either way, we have been calling her Misty.

My neighbor has been feeding the cats every so often and is really concerned about them living in a garage. She was also afraid that Misty was going into heat, so we took her in last week to get spayed. Misty is currently at my neighbor's house. She's very sweet, although a little skittish, especially after just having come back from the vet a few days ago. However, she has been coming out of her shell and exploring my neighbor's home, and meowing for lots of affection. We would love to adopt her out to a loving home.

The male kitten about a year old. He is white with large blotches of brown and mixed color patches. He is still living in a garage and is very skittish as this point. However, he is still very kitten-like and a follower of older cats. We would love to adopt him out with Misty, if possible. He would need someone who is very understanding and would let him adjust on his own terms. He will likely hide for a while at first, but over time he would probably come around, especially if he has an older, friendly cat he can follow for guidance (like Misty). He is very attached to Misty, and he has lived in a home before. If we don't adopt him out with Misty, we may just get him fixed and let him be an outside feral. However, we're a bit concerned about his street smarts because of how sheltered he's been in the garage. He doesn't seem to have the appropriate awareness of danger that a typical indoor/outdoor cat would.

Anyhow, if you believe you have the love and patience to adopt these two kitties together, please let me know. If you think you can only take Misty, please let me know that too because we realize that we may only be able to adopt Misty out by herself.

Home found both both kitties together! Feb 2011

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