Home found! 2/5/2011 This cat that really needs a new home. Her name is Mouse. She is 12 years old, white, and a little chubby.

Mouse has been an only cat, previously very loved for all of her 12 years. Something happened with her owner, and now Mouse has been left alone, currently being fed outside by a caring neighbor. The neighbor says you'd never know Mouse's age to look at her, she acts like she's 6. She runs around, is VERY Playful and very, very sweet. She used to sleep with her owner and is used to being doted on. She is *extremely* affectionate and sweet with people, just not other cats.

The neighbor feeds Mouse twice a day and has made a sheepskin bed for Mouse which is under her house - as in under the foundation. So Mouse now lives outdoors where previously she was a loved indoor cat. We very much want to find her a new, loving, indoor home.

Mouse does not get along with other cats *at all*, so she would need to be an only cat. We don't know if she gets along with dogs, but suspect that she doesn't since she lived all her 12 years with a grown, single woman and no other pets. She probably would also be better suited for a home with no children, since she was used to living with a single adult.

Mouse did get vaccinations pretty regularly; however, we're not sure about the last couple of years, so they may not all be current. There's a good chance she's already spayed too.

The cat is currently in West LA, but if you're patient with the coordination, between myself and a couple other people, we could probably deliver her to just about anywhere in California or Las Vegas. The neighbor who is currently feeding Mouse really wants to find a home soon, because the situation has become extremely stressful for her, as well as for her own cats.

Home found! 2/5/2011
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