jack russell terrier, approx. 7 years old, up to date on shots and in good health A jack russell terrier was found abandoned last year and malnourished. She is now in good health! She is approximately 9 pounds and is estimated to be about 7 years old. We would prefer her to go to a home where someone is around most days of the week, as her current caregiver is unable to provide the companionship she needs due to work/school commitments. Here are some characteristics to describe her:

--Great at small dog park (more into going up to people than other dogs but enjoys the other dogs). Little kids love her and she likes people who are nice to her.
--Content – will come over to you if you invite her and loves the attention but otherwise is content with you just being around
--Listens – she takes direction well and knows “come”, “sit”, “no”, “go”… etc.
--Doesn’t play on her own with toys but likes to chew rawhides
--Loves walks!!!! Likes car rides.
--Barks only at disturbances (someone at the door) or to let you know she wants something – will stop when you command her “no” – not excessive by any means
--Satisfied with sleeping in her dog bed through the night uncrated (no fussing)
--Displays abandonment concerns when you leave if crated or confined to a room in the house - concerns minimized when can be left outside free to roam with dog house
--Is housebroken but will have accidents if you crate her or keep her contained for longer periods (most likely due to anxiety when you leave)
--Has all her required shots and recent teeth cleaning; blood and urine tests confirm no health issues

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