I need to quickly find a home for a female shepherd-lab mix named Pepper. She is 8 years old and in excellent health. She is very friendly and gentle with other pets and children. She's used to being outside but she is great inside also (she does not go to the bathroom inside nor does she chew or scratch inside). She is not used to going for walks regularly (because our yard is big) but she loves it whenever she has gotten the chance. She loves it when you scratch her tummy.

She is a terrific watch dog. She has only nipped at two people and it was because both of them jumped our fence and she was doing her duty.

She has been spayed, and her current owner is taking her in tomorrow to get up to date on all her shots. Pepper will come with two large crates, a short leash, brush, bowls, and a $100 PetSmart gift card.

The current owners are moving out of state and unfortunately are unable to take Pepper with them. They want to find Pepper a good, loving home. However, time is of the essence. They need know by this Thursday (Feb 10th) whether she has a new home. The actual exchange can take place as late as Sunday (Feb 13th), but no later.

Pepper is currently in West Palmdale. It would be ideal for the new owners to pick her up; however, the current owners would be willing to drop her off within about an hour radius if that's what it takes to place her in a loving home.

Home found! 2/10/2011

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