Stray cat (AKA "rubby" cat)

(because he loves to rub against legs and feet) Home found! 3/9/07 4 Mar 07: We trapped this beautiful gray kitty and are taking him to get fixed. We don't actually know if it's a boy or a girl, but we've been referring to it as "he". He needs a home. He's likely to be shy at first, so we'd prefer to find him a home we could bring him to after the vet rather than letting him go and then trying to catch him again. He's been very good in the trap; hasn't meowed much at all. I've been able to pet him through the trap. He looks young enough that I think he could be tamed and would enjoy a loving home. He'll just probably be skittish at first until gets used to being around people a lot. Please contact me as soon as possible to make arrangements.

5 Mar 07: Well we took the stray cat into the vet today, and he is indeed a boy. He has been neutered. The vet said he was very docile and friendly. We've brought him home and let him out of the trap for a little while in our garage. He is very friendly - he rubs against us and purrs. He's still a little tentative, but is definitely a loving cat. He looks to be approximately 1 year old.

We already have 3 cats of our own inside, so we can't let him roam around our house (one cat in particular does not take kindly to new cats introduced into the house). Until we get him adopted out, he's staying a large pet carrier in our garage. We've put some cloth in the back for him to lay on and included water and food. We've made up a litter box for him, so he's able to use that when we let him out every so often throughout the day.

We'd really like to adopt him out soon so he can wander around his new home. :)

9 Mar 07: I brought this friendly stray to his new home. :)

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