My vet is looking for a home for a sweet, young shih tzu / jack russell terrier mix. His name is Teddy, and the vet believes he is about 7 months old. The owner brought him in to get neutered, and then just never picked him up. A week later, the owner called back and said she had moved to Los Angeles and wasn't going to come back to pick up the dog.

He is up to date on his vaccinations, has had a fecal exam, and is neutered. They have had him for about two weeks now, and the first week he wasn't housebroken at all. They've been crating him at night, and for the past week, he hasn't had any messes in the crate. The past four days, he hasn't had any messes in the house. So they are working with him, but whoever his new owner will be, needs to have patience and work with him just like he's still a young puppy. He has made great progress in just the two weeks that the vet has had him, so there's a lot of potential there with the right home.

He gets along great with other dogs, but the vet hasn't had the opportunity to see him interact with cats because their own cats hide whenever a new dog is around.

Home found! May 2011

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