Sweet and loving male stray cat, estimate about one year old, smallish cat - compact and musclar. A beautiful male orange tabby cat is currently living as a stray in Phelan. The lady feeding him has been calling him Tiger. She guesses that he's about a year old. He is a smallish cat, compact and muscular. He is very sweet and loving. He lets her pick him up, so we suspect that he did have a family at one time. The lady feeding him plans to get him neutered later in the week.

Tiger is very sweet, follows the lady around, and comes when she calls. He loves to be petted, but he's a little skittish. He will start to run away when he hears a loud noise or if someone he doesn't know comes around, but he will usually come right back when she calls him and shows him it's okay. He loves rolling around on the ground and having his tummy rubbed. He will play bite, but not hard (another indication that he's probably been socialized). He's a little scared of the lady's cat, but curious and they are slowly getting to know each other. He would probably be fine with other cats. Her neighbor has a dog and when the dog barked at Tiger from the other side of the fence, Tiger ran away so he probably wouldn't be okay in a home with a dog unless the owner was willing to be patient.

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