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This page was last modified: February 28, 2006

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salmon - 6oz or less portions.
salt, pepper in shakers
Herbs de Province
olive oil
1 lemon

Pre-heat oven to 450.   For an electric oven, wait 15-20 mins for it to come to full temperature.

Put a layer of tin foil in a high walled baking pan.   Spread a little olive oil on the tin foil - just enough to make an even, thin layer on the bottom of the pan.

Place the fish in the pan, and put a little more olive oil on top of the fish, using a basting brush to smooth it out.

sprinkle a little flour on each piece of fish, and brush in with the basting brush.   Should be a thin white layer.  Not too much.

cut the lemon in half and squeeze one or both halves over the fish.

sprinkle some Herbs de Province on each piece of fish.  Looka nice eh?

Sprinkle liberal amount of pepper and a little salt.

Cover the pan with another piece of tin foil.

place in the oven for 20 - 25 mins depending on size and number of salmon portions.   22 mins to be safe.   The fish will be mushy if undercooked, overcooked and the edges will be dry and burned.


Tip:  I buy one 6-ounce portion and cook it for 16 minutes, then I have half of the 6-ounce portion for two meals.

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